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Lavallette Beach Patrol

Lavallette Lifeguard Headquarters
Philadelphia Avenue and the Ocean
Telephone: 732-793-2566
Fax: 732-793-4965
Mailing Address 1306 Grand Central Avenue
Lavallette, NJ 08735
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Summer Bathing Hours
10am to 5pm Weekdays
10am to 6pm Saturday, Sunday & Holidays
We supervise 9 Ocean Beaches and
2 Bay Locations, Brooklyn Avenue Bay & Reese Avenue Bay.

Beach Badges Required

Red Flag Beach Is Closed For The Season Red Flag
Thank you for another great season ~ LBP

Flag Designations
imageSwimming Between the White Flagsimage
imageBoogie Boards and Rafts between Blue & White Flagsimage
image Restricted Rules in Effect When Flyingimage
image No Swimming When Red Flag Is Flyingimage
image Surfing Locations image
Haddonfield Avenue / Brown Avenue / Dover Avenue Between Green Flags

Kayaking Locations are the same as Surfing, Lifejackets Required

DO NOT DIG HOLES DEEPER THEN YOUR KNEES ON THE BEACH Sand can collapse and create an extremely dangerous situation!

In recent years this serious danger has been widely documented throughout the world and was even featured in the New England Journal of Medicine. Victims typically become completely buried in the sand when the walls of the hole unexpectedly collapse, leaving virtually no evidence of the hole or the location of the victim. Parents are often concerned about lesser dangers such as sea life in the ocean but are often unaware of the possibility of a potentially deadly situation on dry land when digging a hole in the sand.

Besides the potential for suffocation, holes create a potential danger for those people responsible to maintain and patrol the beach throughout the night. Remember, if you dig it, fill it in.

Located at the Brooklyn Avenue Bay Beach. image
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Navigation BulletBeach Rules and Regulations

  • It is unlawful to throw or drop waste paper, garbage and other refuse on the beach as well as litter, destroy or disfigure the beach or public or private property.
  • It is unlawful to use loud, profane or indecent language, play ball or engage in any activities, which will endanger another person or interfere with the enjoyment of the quiet use of the beach or public boardwalk.
  • It is unlawful to conduct or engage in any beach party, picnic or similar outing, cook, or take any alcoholic beverage upon said places of resort, other than non-alcoholic beverages in cans or plastic containers.
  • Surfboarding will be allowed only in prescribed surfboard areas indicated by green flags. Shock cords must be attached and used at all times.
  • Bathing is permitted in protected areas only. A white flag indicates safe bathing conditions. A read flag indicates no swimming. A yellow flag indicates restricted swimming. Wait until conditions are right before bathing. Lifeguards enforce safety rules, please cooperate. Lifeguards are equipped with radios for emergency purposes.
  • Vehicles are not allowed on the beach from May 1 to September 15, nor on any weekend in September. At all other times vehicles must be operating in accordance with Chapter 7-11 of the  Borough Code .External LinkOperators must be licensed and vehicles must be registered. A permit is required.
  • Please keep off all sand dunes. Sand dunes are protected by Chapter 8 of the Borough Code External Link
  • Animals are not allowed on the beach or other places of resort at any time. Animals on a leash can only be taken on the boardwalk at times other than regular bathing season.
  • Please use trash and recycle receptacles located at the entrance to the beach and at the street ends, Please do not litter!
  • Do not use the beach as an ashtray.
  • Smoking is prohibited on the bay beaches.

Navigation BulletBeach Wheelchair's

imageBeach Wheelchairs are equipped with large, wide wheels which can roll across the sand without sinking. Beach wheelchairs enable anyone to safely enjoy the beach, sand and water.

The beach chairs can be signed out for 2 hour blocks, if no one is waiting to use a chair they can be reserved for an additional 2 hours. Chairs must be returned before the end of beach day to lifeguard headquarters. Available on a first come first serve basis through the Lifeguard Headquarters. 732-793-2566
Off season Beach Wheelchairs are available through Public Works . 732-793-7766

Navigation BulletRip Currents

imageProtect yourself by learning how to spot a rip current so you can stay safe at the beach this summer.

NOAA Rip Current Information

External Link

Navigation BulletBeach Patrol Events

William Kemble Lifeguard Tournament July 10, 2017 Philadelphia Ave More Information

Lavallette Beach Patrol 5k Run / Walk July 12, 2017 More Information

Annual Mid Summer Mile Lavallette Ocean Swim August 5, 2017 @ 8am Philadelphia Ave More Information

Navigation BulletCurrent Surf Conditions, Tides and Water Temp

imageSurfing Locationsimage
Haddonfield Avenue / Brown Avenue / Dover Avenue Between Green Flags

External Link

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